Everlasting “Light and Dark” Wreath


Dark sunflower seed heads jostle with luminous discs of Lunaria. Grasses and silver thistle dance in the a slight breeze. This wreath makes a stunning, permanent centre piece to the home. It could be hung above a fire place, the stove or on any wall that’s in need of an eye-catching adornment.

Medium (about 30 centimetres wide): £80

Medium (about 60 centimetres wide): £160

Large (about 1.1 meters wide): £420

Your wreath will last a long time, provided it is kept out of damp conditions.

Delivery: If you’re unable to collect your wreath from the farm, please get in touch with us to discuss delivery before making your order.





  • Collection from the farm is free of charge.
  • Local delivery is limited to the postcode areas listed above. Delivery costs for fresh flowers start at £3.50.
  • Where indicated, nationwide delivery is available on products that can travel by post. This costs £6.50.

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