Flowers for Florists & Floral Designers

Flower & Farmer is proud to be part of a movement in the UK towards seasonal English flowers. It is wonderful to find ourselves surrounded by so many likeminded florists and floral designers who appreciate the uniquely exquisite beauty of English cut flowers and who are looking for material which evokes our native gardens and hedgerows through the passing seasons.

With more than 40 years of horticultural experience amongst us, we cultivate a selection of annuals, biennials, perennials and shrubs, all carefully chosen to provide interest throughout the growing season. We grow many unusual varieties and place a special emphasis on scent, wherever possible.

In spring we grow many of the more exotic Tulips (including Parrots, Lily Flowering and Fringed), Ranunculus, Anemones and Icelandic Poppies. Come summer, our fields and polytunnels are bursting with Sweet Peas, Foxgloves, Roses, Peonies, Phlox and Larkspur (to name but a few). As the season progresses, our selection includes Dahlias, Cosmos, Amaranthus, Zinnias, Echinacea and Crocosmia.

The flower fields are situated in the midst of an arable farm, so we are also able to forage foliage from the farm hedgerows. During spring we offer Hawthorn, Apple and Cherry blossom; in summer we supply Hornbeam and Weeping Silver Pear. Autumn and winter bring wild Rosehips, Catkins, Salix, Cornus, Holly and berried Ivy. At this leaner time of year, we also offer seed heads and dried flowers (subject to enquiry).

Our blooms and foliage meet the need for exceptional quality and diversity, while celebrating the myriad colours, intricate shapes and delicate scents evocative of our native countryside. Our fields and polytunnels provide for the demands (both in scale and quantity) of florists sourcing English cut flowers wholesale, either for their shops or to incorporate into their event designs. By growing an extensive array of flowers, we are able to cater for a range of tastes and colour palettes.


Florists and their customers are increasingly asking for locally grown British blooms. This is not just because of their distinctive beauty, but because they are farmed sustainably and aren’t imported from warmer climes (with the airmiles to boot).

The principles of sustainable flower cultivation are at the heart of the Flower & Farmer approach. All our flowers are locally grown by us; delivery is direct from our farm to your door. Although not organic, we operate sustainable farming practices: we have almost phased out single use plastics; we use green manure and are introducing the “no dig” method to minimise carbon release from the soil. We avoid using chemicals and artificial fertilisers.


Our pricing is predictable, transparent and not subject to the extreme fluctuations of the Dutch flower auctions. Each week we email our customers details of current availability and pricing. To receive these updates, please register your shop or studio by completing the form above.


During our season (March to October), we send a weekly email detailing flower and foliage availability and pricing.

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