Wholesale Flowers

We are excited to discover so many florists and floral designers seeking to source locally grown flowers and foliage. Whether you’re looking for regular deliveries or for material for one off events, we can supply you with English flowers and foliage, all grown here in the fields and hedgerows of our Northamptonshire farm.

Weddings & Events

If you want to arrange your own wedding or event flowers, we can provide you with buckets of seasonal blooms. Our flowers are evocative of nature’s abundance at any time of year: arching branches of soft blossom and opulent Parrot Tulips in spring, romantic roses and delicately scented Sweet Peas in summer and joyous Dahlias mix with berries and Crab Apples in autumn.

Seasonal English Flowers For Florists & “DIY” Weddings & Events

Wholesale Flowers

Are you looking for a regular supply of English flowers and foliage for your shop or studio? Are you a floral designer whose client has specifically requested English blooms? Whether it’s regular deliveries or a one-off order, we can supply you with seasonal flowers and foliage, all grown here in the fields and hedgerows of our Northamptonshire farm.

During the season (March to October), we circulate a weekly availability list. To sign up, simply fill in the form on our Wholesale Flowers page.

For large scale events and weddings, we can work in advance with you so you can plan your design, confident that you will have flowers and foliage of the right colour, scale and shape to suit the style of the occasion.

With public attitudes to the environment changing and ongoing concerns about the viability of worldwide imports, it’s no surprise that many florists are choosing to shop locally. Offering your customers the option to buy guilt-free, English grown flowers is the perfect way to cater for changing buyer preferences.

“DIY” Weddings and Events

Do you want to bring your own sense of style to your wedding day? Would you like to use your own imagination to decorate your event? If you would like to create your floral decorations yourself, we can provide you with ample buckets of seasonal English flowers.

Flowers have been an integral part of weddings for centuries and, wherever you are getting married, the sight and delicate scent of seasonal English flowers will add romance and elegance to this most special of occasions.

Flowers have long been invaluable in bringing a sense of occasion to any event. With buckets of our English flowers, you will have exceptional material to work with – flowers and foliage that will bring drama, warmth and a naturally abundant style to your event, whether it be an intimate gathering or a large party.

In buying our flowers, you will be supporting a local business. We can guarantee that our flowers and foliage are grown in a sustainable fashion and that none of our flowers have been imported from warmer climes.

Our Story

It all began on an autumn day with a chance conversation between aunt, Jo, and niece, Milly, in the farmhouse cutting garden. The garden was brimming with Dahlias, unashamedly joyous against the cold, grey sky. That day – having taken back to her city home armfuls of Dahlias to stuff into every vase, jug and receptacle she could find – Milly was hooked. These flowers were just so glorious!

Flower & Farmer quickly blossomed into a fully-fledged, flower farming enterprise. With over 40 years of horticultural experience amongst us (Jo and Jules are both professionally trained), a sheep paddock was soon turned into a flower field (with some incremental creep into the neighbouring field of wheat) and a polytunnel was installed.

To provide colour and interest throughout the season (March to October), we grow an extensive selection of annuals, biennials, perennials and bulbs. We have also planted hundreds of shrubs which should soon provide healthy stem counts each year (not to mention our shopping list of shrubs for this winter…).

For locally grown, fresh flowers and foliage that capture the essence of the English garden and countryside, you need look no further!