A Growing Passion: The Flower & Farmer Story

We specialise in growing English cut flowers for sale to florists, floral designers and anyone looking to create their own event or wedding flower arrangements.

Established by Jo and Milly, an aunt and niece partnership, Flower & Farmer was an idea that flourished out of a shared love of the gaudiest dahlias out there.


The inspiration for Flower & Farmer arrived on a crisp autumn afternoon, when Jo invited Milly to pick some flowers from the farmhouse cutting garden. Jo’s passion for growing cut flowers started when she came to live on the farm twenty years ago: the vegetable plot and raspberry canes were soon banished to the boundaries of the garden and replaced by seeds and bulbs specifically grown for picking.

On that fortuitous day the garden borders were overflowing with Dahlias – big, blousy Dahlias, rich in colour and full of life. Clutching armfuls of these gorgeous specimens (which she later spread around her London home), Milly was captivated too.

The team at Flower & Farmer has since become inspired to bring the flowers, leaves and stems of the English gardens and hedgerows to floral studios, florists’ shops and wedding and hospitality venues across the country. We passionately believe that English cut flowers have a uniquely special quality to them – their diverse colours, delicate scents and intricate textures and shapes are, in our view, unparalleled.

We love that our flowers and foliage capture the ephemeral moods of the English seasons: Hellebores and nodding Narcissi are full of the hope of spring; ostentatious Foxgloves and Roses herald the arrival of summer; sprays of hips and Blackberries comfortingly spill from the hedgerows in autumn and, in winter, brilliant coloured stems and glossy berries brazenly shine against grey skies.


Growing our flowers requires an intimate understanding of the earth, the weather and the seasons but, sometimes, surrounded by the rolling hills of the farm, we could forget one of the greatest crises facing our world – climate change.

However, at Flower & Farmer we continually strive to develop and improve sustainable practices. We have adopted propagation systems using soil blocks and long-life trays to avoid single use plastics. We improve soil fertility and structure with animal and green manures (rather than artificial fertilisers) and we are introducing the “no dig” method to minimise the release of carbon through unnecessary cultivation. We have planted over 400 trees and shrubs in the last six months and further planting is scheduled for the autumn. Our flowers and foliage are delivered to you in reusable buckets, without incurring airmiles.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything with us, please do get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

The paddock in spring. This is where we grow most of our annuals, biennials and bulbs.
The team on the studio steps with a morning’s picking.
Jules in the ‘Big Field’. This is where we grow our perennials and shrubs, including Roses, Hydrangeas and many other varieties for their flowers, berries or interesting foliage.