Wedding Flowers

English Cut Flowers for Weddings & Events

Our “Ready to Wear” and “DIY” wedding flowers are all grown on our farm. Their exquisite colours and textures, delicate scents and abundant seasonality are sure to capture the imaginations of you and your guests on this truly special day.

You can either select from one of our colourways or choose your own. Whichever you do, your flowers will always be unique as no day is ever the same on the farm.


“I could not believe quite how stunning your arrangements were on Saturday. The entire wedding party where blown away, the colours, the individual heads, the content were beyond my expectations. You have the most amazing eye and are incredibly talented. Please pass on my heartfelt thank you to all your team. The flowers made the day!” – Lucy and Luke, October 2020

 “I can’t tell you how much I was blown away by how beautiful the flowers looked and how amazing they smelt! They even made it to the Stratford upon Avon local fb group!!” – Sarah and Rob, October 2020


Put simply, because our flowers have been grown for their beauty, not bred for their survival skills. Our flowers do not have to endure the ordeal of an auction house and international travel; they journey direct from our farm to your door.

This means the flowers we use are chosen for their colour, shape and fragrance. Our selection is not limited to flower varieties that travel well. For instance, we grow English garden Roses, dinnerplate Dahlias, Parrot-Tulips and sweetly scented Sweet-Peas.

Our flowers are seasonal. So, although you choose the collection and products you want, Mother Nature will also have her say: the individual flower heads used will depend on the time of year. Your flowers will be a unique and magical reflection of nature’s abundance and beauty at the time of your wedding day.

Need any more reason? Well, our flowers are also a little bit kinder to our world than most. They’re not pumped with chemicals, wrapped in plastic or left in chillers for days on end. Our flowers are cut to order, left in water and hand-tied in biodegradable jute or twine.