Three French Hens


A wreath that surely should be enjoyed all year round and not just for Christmas! Pink Helipterum and silky Helichrysum are interspersed with Amaranthus, Nigella seedpods and elegant spires of Limonium ‘Pink Pokers’. The wreath is hung from a luxurious velvet ribbon.

The flowers in this wreath are grown in a sustainable fashion that ensures a balanced and varied ecosystem below and above ground level. The flowers are harvested by hand and air-dried by us. We do not treat them with any dyes, bleaches or preservatives.

Dimensions: approx. 50 centimetres wide

Available for nationwide delivery

Care: If displaying outdoors, hang in a sheltered spot, away from the wind and the rain. Your wreath will last for years if kept indoors, in the warm and the dry.

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