Dried Flower Bouquet – Russet

A dried flower bouquet in russet tones, evocative of seasonal change. Every bouquet is made to order meaning every bouquet is unique. However, each bouquet will likely include flowers such as Lunaria, Limonium, Helipterum, Helichrysum and Orach. Grasses, Flax, Barley and Poppy seed heads add movement and texture.

This bouquet represents the full cycle of life on a flower farm: every stem here has been plotted, planned, planted, watered, harvested, hand-dried and then arranged by us. It is truly seasonal and sustainable. Provided it’s displayed in a warm, dry place, it will last a long time. At the end of its life, it can be composted.

Medium: £25

Large: £40

The bouquet pictured is a medium.

Available for nationwide delivery

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